Tyler Weitz


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Motion graphics, design, and illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Tyler Weitz

I am a self-taught designer currently living in Los Angeles, California. Prior to motion design, I studied film production and videography at Moorpark College. After college, I jumped straight into uncharted waters and learned my design chops in the field. I began my work as an assistant designer in the broadcast industry and later found myself pursuing interactive/motion graphics. I'm currently the Sr. Designer at Ticketmaster.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like poster design and 3D art, which has garnered online attention and has led to many outside projects. I currently freelance alongside my primary job and work in many design mediums; Anything from videography, animation, and web production- I am a man with many hats to wear.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension behind the idea I’ve been assigned or am interested in. I do several iterations on each point and usually end up refining the one I find most controversial.

For me, controversy isn’t about instigation, but rather, a way to arrest your audience. It’s a way to plant a little bit of desire in their hearts; a yearning to turn the page and learn more about your idea. Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable experiences.



Amongst his most notable attributes are his client consultation skills, as he takes the time to effectively uncover needs and provides creative direction and valuable insights to supplement his client’s vision; I recommend Tyler without any reservation.
— Lina Berghoudian, Hulu
It never ceases to amaze me what Tyler can do. There’s literally nothing outside of his scope and skills within the creative field. And even if it’s something that he’s not intimately familiar with, he’ll attack the project with aplomb, dedication, and an eagerness to learn.
— Dan Wu, United Pacific


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